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Agustin Luna

Real Estate Agent

Introducing myself, Agustín Luna, a dedicated real estate professional hailing from Argentina. Real estate has always been my passion, and I have built a strong reputation as one of Barcelona's most promising young agents before embarking on an exciting journey in Aruba.

Throughout my career, I have taken great pride in providing personalized, top-notch service to my international clientele. Going above and beyond to ensure their utmost satisfaction has been a driving force for me. With years of experience in real estate sales and property management in both Spain and Aruba, I have acquired invaluable knowledge and expertise in the field.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to excellence. I constantly strive for self-improvement, keeping myself updated with the latest industry trends. My international connections and diverse experiences have allowed me to work with high-profile clients and close significant deals. Making a positive impact on the lives of my clients is a privilege that fuels my passion every single day.

If you are seeking a condo in Aruba or looking to sell your vacation home, I am here to guide you. With my wealth of experience, genuine love for real estate, and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results, I am the perfect choice to assist you in achieving your goals.

Let's connect and start our real estate journey together.


Agustin Luna
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